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For Sale Cessna 340a adid = 29805

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Larger aircraft, For Sale | Cessna, 340A | POA

Cessna 340A, 1980, in excellent condition.
All tests and checks up to date.
maintained by IAE at Cranfield.
Six sea Cessna cabin class twin, four place executive club seating....New reconditioned propellers,
Cessna fully coupled autopilot, pressurised,
Dual Garmin GNS430 GPS/NAV/COM
Garmin GTX330 Mode S transponder, Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel, King KN62A DME, King KR87 ADF, Bendix weather radar, Co Pilots panel.
Please give me a ring to discuss anything further.
Send Tina Sharpe a Secure Message. Contact Details 07711 407281 Ask a Question