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Share Available In A Pa-28 At Elstree adid = 29938

Views so far = 3486

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Cherokee, PA-28 Warrior | ?1750 ono

Equal equality (10th) share available in a well looked after PA-28 based at Elstree with on line booking, engine fund, ?40 per month and ?110 an hour which is run by like minded aviators but hardly used.
Please call Ken on 07956 348185 for a chat.
Send Mike Fitch a Secure Message. Contact Details 07956 348185 Ask a Question

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi there Could you let me know if the share is still available please? Also, what's the registration of the aircraft? Would you have any current pix? Many thanks Kind regards Pawel

A1 awaiting answer