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Share In Reims Built Cessna 172 At Shoreham adid = 30042

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Cessna, Reims 172 | ?1,750

Cessna 172 share, Reims built and based at Shoreham. Old-established, friendly, well run group. Very easy to find buddies to share hours if required. Web-based booking with excellent availability. Maintained by KB aviation, a highly-respected company at Shoreham. Last 50 hour check completed a few weeks ago. Low hours engine, prop and satisfactory bank balance. Recent seat re-trim in leather. Solid little plane which flies well. Share is ?1,750, ?50 pcm, ?15 per tacho hour dry. You pay fuel, landings and any applicable nav charges. very reasonably-priced flying at a super airfield. Contact Ken Jones
Send Kenneth Jones a Secure Message. Contact Details 01798 874050