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Esfc - Annual Fly-in & Display This Saturday! adid = 30254

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Fly-in, For Sale

ESFC Annual Charity Fly-In & Display day ? Saturday 5th July

Not long to go to the ESFC Annual Charity Fly-In & Display day, based at Tatenhill airfield (EGBM) ? Saturday 5th July!

No landing fee but all donations and proceeds on the day will go to a very worthwhile charity ? Midlands Air Ambulance (based at airfield). There will be three MAA ladies harassing and rattling their buckets on the day so please give generously!

We will have a grass runway open on the day (subject to weather). For details of the event and copy of airfield plate please visit ESFC website:

In addition we will be holding a raffle on the day, with the prizes being generously donated by Tatenhill Aviation Ltd. Raffle tickets will be sold during the day with the draw at end of day and the auction will probably be held just before the air displays start.

There will be the usual burger van, ice cream van and the cafe in operation throughout the day.

Classic cars and Military vehicles will be on display.

Air displays (between 13.00pm and 15.00pm local) will include:

John Calverly in his Yak-52
John Scott in his CAP 10B
Sharpy in his AnreassonBA4B
Adrian Hatton in his Silence Twister
Phillip Burgess in his DR107
Pete & Andy (Old Buckers) in their B?cker Jungmann formation!!

We will also have some interesting aircraft on static display and hopefully RAF Shawbury will also be visiting. We also plan to have a static Merlin engine running throughout the day.

Bring your family and friends along for another great day at Tatenhill.
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