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1/5th Share In Rockwell Commander 112b adid = 30761

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Rockwell Commander, 112B | ?8000

This aircraft is a low-time example of this classic retractable, 200HP tourer that cruises in wide-cabin comfort at 125 kts (5000') burning only 30 lph with a range of 800 nm and a useful load of 1000 lbs.

It is well-equipped with a Garmin 430 slaved to an EDM700 engine monitor and fuel-flow meter, along with backup Collins Microline NAV/COMM, 2 VORs (1 with GS) and Narco DME, ADF, Audio Panel and Transponder (Mode C) with single-axis auto-pilot that can track GPS or VOR.

G-IMPX is well maintained at Goodwood Engineering, and whilst it has just over 2000 hours in total (AF&E), a top overhaul at 1200 hours has kept its compressions good, and should provide a further 300 hours before a major engine overhaul.

I'm looking to sell 4 x 1/5 shares in G-IMPX for ?8,000 each (which includes zero-timing the engine when needed), whilst retaining one share myself. Charges for each share would be ?150pm + ?80ph.

Contact me on +44 (0)7919-415018 if you are seriously interested.
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