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Brand New "mdm-1 Fox" adid = 30770

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Gliders, For Sale | Marganski&Myslowski | 69000

The two-seater MDM-1 FOX GRP construction glider has been developed on base of design experience acquired during work with KOBUZ, JANTAR and SWIFT S-1 gliders by the team of Marganski&Myslowski Aircraft Company. Our gliders are one of the best in their cathegory.
To prove it i'm attaching link with results of 17th FAI World glider aerobatic championships below.

Basic technical and performance data:
Wing span: 14,00 m
Length: 7,38 m
Height: 2,25 m
Wing area: 12,34 sqm
Vne (max never exceeded speed): 285 km/h / 152kts
Max take-off weight: 530 kg
Max empty weight: 350 kg
Max G-Force: +9 / -6 G

Instrument list:
Airspeed indicator 2x 6 FMS 521, 2x Altimeter 4FGH10, 2x Variometer 5StVM10, 2x G-Force meter AM-10, Radio AR6201, side slip indicator QM II, head rest, safety belts, 2x equalising bottle, compass C-2300, front tow release TOST E85, battery 12V/7,2Ah.
C.G. tow release, transportation tail wheel, transportation wing-tip wheel, glider's cover, smoke system, additional battery box in luggage, glass canopy cover.
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