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New Eurostar Ev97 Sl - Shares For Sale. adid = 30993

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Three-axis Microlights, Shares & Groups | Evektor, Eurostar EV97 SL | £6,500

There is one remaining share for sale in a Eurostar EV97 SL 3-axis microlight based at Wycombe Air Park in Bucks. The aircraft has the new design wider cockpit, a ballistic parachute system, wingtip strobes and nav lights, painted airframe, adjustable rudder pedals, radio, Mode S transponder, and a Vernier throttle.

£6,500 will buy you a 1/10th equity share in this superb aircraft, operated by a syndicate, with running costs of £50pm to cover airfield charges, insurance, etc., and £45ph wet. Good aircraft availability for some good value flying in a two year old aircraft which is well cared for by the syndicate and maintained by the UK Evektor dealer, Light Sport Aviation Ltd. on site.

If you would like to discuss further, or arrange a demo flight, please contact Steve Pike on 07746 373637, or Peter Newman on 07881 271190 to arrange a trial flight.
Send Peter Newman a Secure Message. Contact Details Steve Pike07746 373637 Ask a Question

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