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Braking Kolb Twinstar Mk3 Mod adid = 31049

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | Kolb, Twinstar Mk3 MOD | Offers

Due to an altercation with a hedge I am breaking my Kolb Twinstar Mk3 Mod.

Parts that still look serviceable are as follows

Nose cone and instrument console (damaged but repairable)
Left elevator and control surface
Aileron Control push rods
Control stick
Flap selection stick
P1 and passenger doors
Pair of Matco MH6B Wheels with tyres in good condition.
Rudder, Elevator and Trim control lines
Fabric Seat cushions (Memory Foam) and blue covers only 5hrs use

Open to offers on all parts

I need them gone as they are taking up space that I need in the garage


Send Christopher Webb a Secure Message. Contact Details 07776477213