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Wasp Flphg And Aeros Target16 adid = 31086

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Foot launched, Powered Hang Gliders, For Sale | Aeros, Wasp, Target | ? 2000

WASP prototype harness. Same design as the A10. Engine rebuilt in 2013 with many new parts. New carb. All new cables, fuel lines and filters. The mechanics are in perfect condition but the fabric of the harness looks old and faded but fully functional. AEROS Target 16 wing in perfect condition. Very little use. It also comes with a free fly harness. I will not separate the items. It comes as a package.

I bought these two items separately back in early 2013 and did all the work to get it all sky worthy but then moved to Spain and left the rig in the UK so have never flown it. I am coming back to the UK for a month in October so all vewings welcome then. I also have a van and can deliver it.

I am writing this add while in spain and have no pics of the rig but can take pics and send them to interested parties when I am back in the UK on the 1st Oct. Price is negotiable but I have spent far more than what I am asking and have never used it. My number in the UK is 01403 891785.

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