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Aircraft Spare Parts For Cj-6 adid = 31459

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale


We are an international spare parts supplier. We can provide many kinds of good quality aircraft parts with a cheap price, especially for the aircraft CJ6, aircraft K8 and aircraft J7. Below items are our hot sales and all of these spare parts we could quote you a special price due to the first cooperation.

S/N Item No. Description Qty in Stock Condition
1 H2-4150-00 Main Landing Gear Actuator 2 brand new
2 QDF-1 Valve Starter Solenoid 2 brand new
3 H2-5525-00 Air hose set 5 brand new
4 H2-5528-00/1 Air hose set 5 brand new
5 H2-5528-00/3 Air hose set 5 brand new
6 H2-5529-00 Air hose set 5 brand new
7 H2-5531-00 Air hose set 5 brand new
8 H2-5532-00/3 Air hose set 6 brand new
9 H2-5533-00 Air hose set 2 brand new
10 H2-5523-00 Air hose set 9 brand new
11 H2-5524-00 Air hose set 5 brand new
12 H2-5526-00 Air hose set 4 brand new
13 H2-5532-00/5 Air hose set 6 brand new
14 H2-6100-100/1 Fuel hose set 5 brand new
15 H2-6100-100/3 Fuel hose set 5 brand new
16 H2-6100-300 Fuel hose set 3 brand new
17 Q/5A4-45G21-10-15-260 Fuel hose set 8 brand new
18 J9-G1 Propeller 3 brand new
19 QS-1 pressure reducing valve 4 brand new
20 QS-2 Brake valve differential 8 brand new
21 SRQ-14 oil radiator 3 brand new

Any enquiry, pls feel free to contact with me via email or Skype (anny_ato). Really hope to establish a long-term business relationship with you. At the same time, if you have the other aircraft enquiry need our help, pls feel free to contact us. We will do our best to search it for you.
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