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Paniers For Flexwing Trike adid = 31522

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Miscellaneous, For Sale | P & M | 100.00

I am selling my low-drag P & M paniers, which fit any Quantum, QUIK or GT450.

Hardly used and hence in great condition. Easy to fit to the trike and provide loads of luggage space for touring or just kit. Once correctly fitted, they tuck away inside the trike skirt, so they are unobtrusive and yet readily available.

These were a real asset when we toured around as they hold enough luggage for two, including tent and sleeping equipment.

P&M mod approval reference M-137

Any questions, drop me a line. You can collect from PE9 near Stamford or I can post these items if requested, although a small postage charge will be incurred, of course.

Stephen - 0780 901 6722
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