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Pa28 Archer 3 Shares - Based Belfast Aldergrove adid = 31745

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Piper, Archer 3

Spectrum Alpha flying group now has shares available in G-ISAX, a 2001 Piper Archer 3 based Aldergrove at 7000. 75 per hour wet + monthly subs.

Call Barry McWilliams on 07866544675 or email, for more information or to arrange a viewing.

Aircraft Details:

TTAF/E approx. 710hrs

Lycoming O-360 A4M, Sensenich prop

Sandel SN3308 EFIS (slaved DI, GPS nav tracks, VORs with glideslope, ADF, DME, map data etc)

Twin Garmin GNS430s, one with terrain

S-TEC 55X flight director and autopilot with altitude pre-select, annunciator panel)

Garmin GI106A CDI with Glideslope

Electric pitch trim

Garmin GMA340 audio panel

Garmin GTX327 transponder, with altitude encoding altimeter

King ADF and DME

Leather interior

Spectrum Alpha is a friendly group with good availability. Differences training can be supplied.

Belfast Flying Club membership also provides for independent use of the clubhouse, which has flight planning facilities including AFPEX online flight plan terminal, flight simulators, kitchenette and WC. Also included is the use of life jackets, immersion suits, life rafts, fast-find GPS ELT and back-up ICOM hand-held radios for those longer trips over the water. The group currently also has a landing card for St Angelo aerodrome.
Send Barry McWilliams a Secure Message. Contact Details 07866544675 Ask a Question