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Pa-28-180 1/3 Share @ Thruxton Egho adid = 31813

Aviation Photo number 40719
Views so far = 3458

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Piper, PA-28-180B

1963 Piper Cherokee
Will carry 4 adults and plenty of fuel.
Very cost efficient tourer. Regularly seen on the continent.

TTE Approx 1850
TTAF Approx 7500

180hp 0-360 Lycoming
Sensenich Prop
Dual Nav/Comm/ ( Single DME )
Garmin 4 place audio setup
Garmin GPS100
Trig Mode S Transponder

Fairly new cowling,prop,spinner, and landing light
Group funds are solvent
Very friendly group, excellent availability being a tiny group, with longer trips and holidays being the norm. Flying instructor in group.
Currently 220pcm and 25p/h dry
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