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Simonini Mini 2 Plus Paramotor adid = 32070

Aviation Photo number 41142
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Views so far = 9355

Foot launched, Powered Hang Gliders, For Sale | 1650

Engine is a Simonini Mini 2+

86kg of thrust suitable for the big boys and tandem flights

Completely rebuilt with new stator, gaskets, air filter, plug and battery 21 hours ago

Also fitted a brand new Walbro carb 16.5 hours ago

Has had well over 400 spent on it

Comes with a brand new 130cm Paraprops Propeller worth 155

In total it has approx 600 worth of new parts

As the hoop was a little flimsy it has been bent forwards slightly to give more clearance for the prop and it has also been extended slightly.

The frame will not win any awards for looks and could do with a little tlc but its a cheap way to get in the air with a rock solid reliable engine.

Due to the way the frame has been repaired on the bottom section, the right side of the frame is not removable. If you need to take the frame apart it would be advisable to fit a tube joiner. (push nipple type, like a lot of paramotors use)

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