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Aerochute Paramotor Trike Uk Legal 2 Seat adid = 32338

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Powered paracending, For Sale | Aerochute, Aerochute Dual

Powered Paracending, For Sale | Aerochute, Aerochute Dual | Ł13,495

The Aerochute - 2 Seat Flying for Fun!
This is a 2 Person Aircraft

The Only UK Fully Legal and CAA BCAR Section S Approved Paramotor Trike Paratrike

The Aerochute Dual is a simple and safe way to fly.

With hundreds of Aircraft sold world wide and an exceptional safety record , the Aerochute Dual combines simplicity, safety and fun. The Aerochute is the only fully certified two seat Powered Parachute Aircraft available in the UK. Designed specifically with safety and ease of operation in mind. It is designed to be stall resistant or spin proof and in the case of an engine failure it simply lands safely as a parachute would. The Aerochute comes complete with Trike, Engine and canopy wing. Full service and technical support is provided by Aerochute based in the Midlands UK.

This is a two person Aircraft.

• It can be stored in garage
• No expensive hangarage.
• Easy to learn, You can be solo in just 4 hours
• Economical and Easy to maintain

• The Only UK Fully Legal and CAA BCAR Section S Approved Paratrike
• CAA - BCAR Section S'''''''' Approved
• CASA Approved
• Sigma compliant design
• CAA approved re assembly manual
• Everything included (Includes Trike Engine Canopy)
• Ultra Stable Square Canopy Design (No reported chute collapse in 25 years)
• Military grade rip stop nylon. (much thicker than paramotor /glider wing material)
• Canopy line 850lb breaking strain each!
• 2 Seat and Dual Controls
• SSDR Single Seat De Regulation compatible design
• Easy Launch 4 point canopy attachment (No need for ''''''''A'''''''' assist complexity)
• Lowest Centre gravity Trike, avoids expensive roll over on take off seen on other trikes.
• Built in pilot safety cage avoids pilot injury if trike rolls
• Robust Trike design offering un cluttered great views
• Modular tubular design (no complex expensive parts)
• Choice of canopy Trim colour included (Black / Red / Blue)
• Choice of canopy colours included (subject to availability)
• POH included
• Includes Canopy Bag
• Includes foot webbing
• Price INCLUDES VAT Duty & shipping ready for collection from Midlands
• Fully supported from UK based company

• Ground steering and brakes Pack
• Wide Lift Plate
• Large Prop hoop
• Stone guard
• Deluxe Paint options
• Wind Sock
• Canopy weights
• Prop cover
• Trailer cover
• Road Trailer
• Road line cover
• Nose Weight
• Cruise Control

Training Option & Information:

• CAA Registered instructor
• BMAA trained and qualified instructor
• Aerochute Trained instructor
• Fully Approved Training to CAA approved BMAA NPPL(A) PP syllabus
• UK midlands based training
• One to One Training
• Ground school conducted by CAA examiner
• CAA multi choice exams
• Paramotor conversion in 2 hours
• NPPL differences training 4 hours
• From Ab intio to Solo in 4 hours

Other Services Available:
• BMAA Approved Trike Inspectors
• BMAA Approved Canopy wing Inspectors
• Qualified BMAA Check Pilot
Price Subject to Australian Dollar GBP exchange rate.

Delivery 3 - 8 weeks from receipt of 50% deposit

Shipping from Australia on receipt of full payment

Ready for Collection from Melton Mowbray Leicestershire

Other info at:

Mob 07929 320 343 (day)

Tel 01664 566043 (Eve)

Send Wayne Kimberlin a Secure Message. Contact Details 07929 320 343 Ask a Question

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