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1/3 Share In Pa28 Warrior adid = 32451

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | piper, warrior 151 | 9,500

An opportunity to purchase a 1/3 share in an as yet to be purchased PA28 to be based in North Wales. The benefits of investing are many. Running cost will be kept to a minimum as it is intended to lease the aircraft to a flight school who will be covering a large share of the hangarage and insurance. I''m working at an approved maintenance facility in the area and have negotiated a low cost option on the maintenance.
An investment of circa 9.5k is required, there will also be a small monthly sub to allow for unscheduled maintenance and other sundries should they arise. This aircraft will paid for itself and afford the share holders flying at fuel only prices.
Send Joseph Reilly a Secure Message. Contact Details 07565763651
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