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1/6th Share - Pa 28 180 Cherokee - Egsl Essex adid = 32890

Aviation Photo number 42488
Views so far = 2795

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Piper, PA28 180

For Sale: 1/6th Share PA-28-180 Cherokee G-ASUD based at Andrewsfield EGSL (

Great group to be part of, which is well managed.

Monthly cost 90.

Hourly rate (tacho hour) 120.

Excellent avialability with online booking calendar.

Total airframe hours: 4666

Total engine hours: 1600

Maintained and serviced at General Aero Services LTD at Thurrock Airfield.

Two spare headsets for use.

Share price 500

For more information/pictures feel free to contact me: T:(07)903 471 271 E-mail:
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