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National Eurostar Fly-in At Sywell Sat 18 Apr 15 adid = 32895

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Fly-in, Service

Greetings friends.

The big Eurostar fly-in at Sywell is less than a week away and we''ve had a huge amount of interest from around the UK. We''ve kept it pretty informal with no slot times, self parking etc - you just need to PPR with Sywell as usual. Sywell have kindly offered us unlimited landings and overnight parking for 10 so you can enjoy local flying during the event. Quite a number plan to stay overnight and for those staying we plan to have a fly-out to the Pitsford strip late on in the day before retiring to the bar.

Skydrive hope to bring the D motor powered Eurostar along and LSA hope to have an SL present.

Stein Financial have kindly sponsored stickers and some trophies to award.

It should be a fantastic day; it is mainly a Saturday event but the odd EV-97 is also arriving on the Friday and Sunday morning too.

Look forward to seeing you all on the day.

Paul Kiddell (tel: 079180 52715)
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