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1/6 Share Rockwell Commander 114 Old Buckenham adid = 32910

Views so far = 3414

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Rockwell Commander, 114 | 9950

1/6th share in Rockwell Commander 114, held by well established flying group (18 years), based at Old Buckenham (EGSV). Engine: Approx. 370hrs, Lycoming IO-540-T4B5D (6-cyl fuel injected) Prop: Approx. 310hrs, McCauley B3D32C419, Garmin 530 with Stormscope, Garmin 430, S-Tec 30 + ALt Hold & GPSS, Skymap IIIC version 1.13 ATI 10/00, Garmin GTX 328 transponder with Mode S, Garmin GMA 340 Nav/Com, Intercom x 4 with read pax volume control, Shadin digiflo fuel processor, Peak EGT monitor
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There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi Could you confirm whether this share is still available please? Thank you D6MMD John

A1 awaiting answer

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