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Sky Lab Flybox Ul Instrument Efis Eis adid = 32941

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Instruments, electrical & Avionics, For Sale | Sky Laboratories | EUR 650

Sky Lab Flybox central panel to gather engine and flight datas and transmit that to Android Tablets which should serve as glass cockpit.
The target market is KITplane builders, experimentals, ultralights, home builders, so basically the widest and lowest budgeted customers of general aviation market. Typically we target two stroke two cylinder and four stroke two or four cylinder engine application.

The new product called SkyLab FlyBox displays the followings:
- Altimeter (barometric data with built in sensor)
- Air speed indicator (air flow with built in sensor)
- Vertical speed ( calculated)
- Fuel calculator
- Engine RPM
- Engine time
- Oil pressure
- Oil temperature
- Water temperature
- Two Exhaust Gas temperature
- Two Cylinder Head Temperature gauges

The Android application software is free, designed to run on most Android tablets.

Four stroke kit MSRP USD 679 which includes all sensors and the central unit, exluding Tablets
Two stroke kit MSRP USD 649 which includes all sensors (except oil pressure and oil temp sensor) , excluding Tablet

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