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1/8th Share Pa22 Colt, Old Buckenham (norfolk) adid = 33304

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Piper, PA22-108

Flying at just 60 per month and 65 per tacho hour!
Share: 2,500.

We are an eight-member group, well run, friendly and supportive. The PA22 Colt is a delight to fly and has proven ability as a tourer, crossing Europe many times in recent years. We positively encourage taking the aircraft away on trips. With four-hour endurance and the ability to carry two people and a full 100lbs of baggage the only limit is your ambition. Availability is excellent.

Importantly the aircraft has a low-houred engine (c700) and a healthy engine fund, so there is little risk of any cash calls. The aeroplane is based at Old Buckenham in Norfolk so enjoys access to a choice of runways, fuel, instructors and an excellent cafe all on site.

Airspace Aware GPS, VOR/ILS, DME all fitted.

If youd like to discuss owning and flying this lovely, friendly aircraft, why not ring for a chat?

Richard Carter
07787 151376
Send Richard Carter a Secure Message. Contact Details Richard: 07787151376 or
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