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Upgrade Your Rans S6 adid = 33477

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale, Rans S6

Want to upgrade your Rans?? I have a few packages for sale.

1. 430/450KG airframe upgrade kit. 450 kg wing strut sets (port and Stb) complete with Jury struts, These are the latest style struts with the anti-vibration ridge on the rear struts. Port and stb flaps and ailerons to Area 1 wing specification required for 430/450 kg. Skins still fitted, blue in colour. 1100 or near offer. You can fit this kit to a Rotax 503 powered aircraft and it will raise the MAUW to 430 kgs, to get to 450 kgs you need to fit a 582, 912 or Jabiru engine

2.FWF Rotax 582 kit, comprises of a blue top oil injection engine DCDI with electric start, complete with engine mount, radiator, oil tank and exhaust 2250

3. The proper Rans Hydraulic brake kit. SOLD

4. Wing tank option, Left and right poly wing tanks with all fittings and caps, Dual tank selector valve. No hose supplied as it was poor condition. 500

5. Warp dirive 2 blade 66" Propeller, NO DAMAGE 400

Numerous other Rans parts available including wings with good spars, Instruments, Flap control etc etc. Email me and I will reply asap.
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