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Pa28 Archer Ii–1/7 Share–notts Tollerton-1 Left adid = 33488

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Piper, Archer II 181 | 5800


Nottingham Archer Aviators

Share price: £5800. £65/hour wet. £90/month. No joining fee.

We are pleased to offer a fantastic opportunity to buy a 1/7th equity share in our Piper Archer II 181.

Aircraft Details:
- 2700 TTAF
- Prop 170 hours
- Lycoming O-360-A4M [275 TT]
- IFR Capable
- Trig TT31 Mode S Transponder
- KR 85 ADF
- KN 64 DME
- KN 155 VHF Com/Nav
- KX 170B VHF Com/Nav
- KMA 20 Audio Panel
- 2 x King VOR/ILS Indicators
- Sigtronic Intercom
- Garmin GPS100
- Piper Autocontrol IIIB Autopilot

Group and offer details:
- 1977 Piper Archer II 181
- 1/7th equity share for sale
- Based out of Nottingham Tollerton
- Friendly group with varying experience, social events and fly outs
- Online booking schedule and tech log
- Structured technical roadmap of future enhancements
- Full re-spray completed Dec 14
- Engine/Prop/Maintenance fund
- Non profit, all costs optimised for minimum flying costs
- No group joining fee applicable

View our website for pictures and further information:

Our philosophy is simple: operate a well maintained, safe aircraft and optimise costs to allow for minimum charges. We review charges on a monthly basis. We have a roadmap of future improvements, without the necessity for you to dip your hands in your pockets, the aircraft pays for itself!

We''''re a sociable group that enjoy group flyouts and the odd curry and beer! We have a range of flying experience up to Airline experience.

Contact Stephen Melody for details, evening calls preferred, or leave a name/phone number/email address and we''''ll contact you back.

07545 436504
Send Nottingham Archers a Secure Message. Contact Details 07545 436504 Ask a Question

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