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Hangar Space In Broadmeadow Hereford adid = 33636

Views so far = 1981

Hangarage and Tie down space, Service

Due to some new 3 axis hangars, we now have space for a couple of new flexwings or folding wing 3 axis planes at Broadmeadow Farm Hereford.

We are a very active club, with good facilities and friendly members.

Hangarage is wing off onto a trolley, but leave the wing rigged. Or for a premium, we have space for 1 topless trike fully rigged.

We have mains electricity and a new clubhouse with electricity, hot and cold water, Internet access, lots of tea, coffee, cakes and a flushing toilet!

If you want to fly locally, we have the Brecon Beacons and Wye Valley.

Were also famous for touring, on events like Fly UK, IOM for the TT and all around Europe when we can.

Our members regularly take part in the Microlight Comps, always willing to help newcomers.

Good hangarage at a fair price. Phone Merv for details.

Send a Secure Message. Contact Details Merv 07748 646082