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Mainair, Flash2 Alpha 2300 adid = 33927

Aviation Photo number 44217
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Weightshift Microlights, For Sale | Mainair, Flash2 Alpha

For sale is my Flash2 Alpha flexwing microlight in good condition for the year, bought this to use for my solos, lovely little flexwing, I have put new tyres on, rear steer and training bars, 65liter fuel tank, Rotax 503 perfect runner, always hangared flexwing 2300
see it in the air on YouTube, look for Adam in G-MVSO,
permit is out but has not flown since last permit, Will have NEW permit once deposit has been taken and will be refunded if it docent pass, now bought an XAir so need to sell, any questions please give me a call or text 07736835016 based in Norfolk
Send Adam Shayes a Secure Message. Contact Details Adam Shayes 07736835016 Ask a Question