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Hughes 269a Helicopter G-bwzy adid = 33955

Aviation Photo number 44278
Aviation Photograph 2
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Helicopters, For Sale | Hughes, 269A | Sold

This is a tried and trusted utterly reliable helicopter. It is for sale with two other non flying machines for spares. G-BAXE which is restorable and has a complete engine (A1A) and G-SHPP which is written off but has many airframe and engine components including a core engine.
There are good times on all components, airframe and engine. This machine is not calendar timed so suits a low hours user.
C of A due 12/2015 and ARC 5/2016. These are not current now.
There is no VAT chargeable.
Send Richard Reeve a Secure Message. Contact Details +44 (0) 1926 632207
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