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Piper Taildragger Non-equity Share - Kent adid = 34014

Aviation Photo number 44532
Views so far = 3039

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups

Non-Equity share available.

Piper PA-16 Clipper (1949) - with 2 seats in the front the clipper is basically a Cub for people with friends.

Aircraft hangared at a fantastic 1000m farm strip near Canterbury, Kent.

Powered by a 150hp Lycoming 0-320 engine (zero timed this year), the Clipper is a beautiful vintage 2+2 seat taildragger easily capable of a 1,500 ft per minute climb and a 100mph cruise.

Very very very small group (only 3 of us at present), fantastic availability, online booking.

Tail wheel training can be provided if you haven''''t already completed a tail wheel conversion.
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