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Covered Trailer Now Sold adid = 34021

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Transport and Trailers, For Sale

Suitable for Minimax or similar sized aircraft. In good clean condition, Weather tight, and I have kept a Minimax in it a number of years until sold recently. Now surplus to requirements. Buyer collects, road worthy when last used.
Send Tim Gardner a Secure Message. Contact Details 07955925741 Ask a Question

There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hi, Could you let me have the dimensions of your trailer, please? Many thanks, Paul.

A1 awaiting answer External size total 19' 6" trailer box 16'7" max width 96" for tailplane extension, otherwise 75". internal height 72" (floor to roof structure supports) Internal length 16'4". Minimum width of floor - due to wheel arch intrusion 66". wing support bracketry to hold wings in storage position reduces this to 52" at one point. This is high enough for the wheels of a Minimax to pass underneath.

Q2 Where In the Country are you situated? And Dimensions Internally please...

A2 awaiting answer about 9 miles east of Newbury Berks off the A339.