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Non-equity Shares In Robin Dr400 120 (leeds East) adid = 34117

Aviation Photo number 44543
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Robin, DR400/120

Two, One Fifth, Non-Equity Shares Available in Robin DR400/120
Based at the newly re-developed Leeds East Airport, formerly RAF Church Fenton

Great VFR touring aircraft; cruises at over 100 knots.
150 per month standing charge
Flying charged at 40 per hour plus 25L fuel
Web based booking system

Good availability
There are no landing fees at Leeds East for resident aircraft and AVGAS is currently just 1.50 per litre inc VAT
In-to-wind runways!

Send Judith Shackleton a Secure Message. Contact Details 0771 926 3030 Ask a Question

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Q1 is there a share still avaliable

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