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Tipsy Nipper R45 T66 Series Iii adid = 34272

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Parts For Aircraft, Wanted

Airframe items required for the Tipsy Nipper as follows :
1.VW 1834 cc engine, and mechanical tacho drive cable.
2.Cowlings to suit engine.
3.Brake lever and caliper ( for port and starboard wheels).
4.Nose wheel bungees, and nose leg-top fitting for bungees.
5.Tail skid.
6.Elevator support struts ( port and starboard ).
7.Plastic cowling at top rear of turtle-deck.
8.Plastic cowlings to fuselage beneath wing root, P and S.
9.Push-tube brackets on elevator, ( P. and S.)
I would be interested in any other Nipper components,
Many thanks,
Roy Hodder.
Send Roy Hodder a Secure Message. Contact Details 07960713386 eves best.
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