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Trailer For Cfm Shadow, Challenger Or Other adid = 34313

Aviation Photo number 45047
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Transport and Trailers, For Sale | Comanche, Box | 3500

Spanish built Box trailer suitable for CFM Shadow, Challenger etc.
7m long, 2.6m high and 2.5 m wide.
Inside dims 2250mm (88-3/4") wide, 2450mm high and 7m long. Composite floor with alloy sides and roof.
Galvanised chassis, Crane Fruehauf rear doors, new tyres, brakes and jockey wheel.
Based just 30 mins north of Edinburgh (near Perth) but will deliver anywhere in the UK @ .30p per mile.
Comes with all EU Spanish papers, Ficha Tecnica and Industria certificates along with the original bill of sale.
Send Alastair McLeod a Secure Message. Contact Details 07787347025 Ask a Question
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