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Slingsby S3 Tipsy (acro) Nipper adid = 34661

Aviation Photo number 45598
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | SLINGSBY , S.3 NIPPER | 14,000

Sincere apologies to previous enquirers, but really haven''t been able to devote serious time to marketing the machine until now. Can send a few good photos on request to apparently legit folk.... apparently wealthy Nigerian princes or love-lorn heiresses need not apply, thanks.

Former Slingsby-built G-AVKJ (1967) was acquired by us in 2014 but only little used since. An excellent wee aerobatic machine which has allowed re-living a 1960''s hooligan aerobatic youth, but no longer feels like such a good idea to be pulling much g given assorted medical issues. Handles like a pocket fighter and always feels much more like you strap it on rather than get in. Separate parachute straps in case you have one.....

Comprehensive restoration completed by previous owner in 2008 , re-covered and re-engined with a Barry Smith Acro Aerobatic VW (1834cc) - Bendix dual magnetos, fuel injection and Inverted systems for both fuel and oil.

Hand-started and brakes are largely ornamental , intended for parking or dead-slow application only. Really best as a grass field aeroplane.

TT Airframe only 1169 / Engine hours 205 since zero-timed, recent Mags overhaul. Long Permit to August 2017.

Has a not very good ancient Dittel radio but next owner best advised to use own handheld as a more reliable solution.

Comes with lots of extensive history and technical advice, all logs and plans including full details of previous owner''s novel LAA modification re. aileron rod-end bearings - less backlash and much snappier in roll than any other Nipper as a result. Wing attachment tie-rods for AD compliance. Has the ''long-leg'' mod.

Presently based at Longside (Peterhead) airfield in North East Aberdeenshire - ready to fly away with a full tank of Avgas . Come take it before we change our minds....... yet again !

Contact : David Palmer
Send David Palmer a Secure Message. Contact Details 01771 622423
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