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Non-equity Pa-28 Group At Elstree adid = 34854

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Piper

Almost new engine, very economical plane to run, IFR equiped and fun to fly.

It has 2 Comm, DME, VOR, Transponder, ADF, 160 bhp Lycoming O-320 engine.

The group is run very efficiently, with a monthly charge INCLUSIVE OF 2 FLYING HOURS, of 290 (including membership and landings at the base airfield). If the 2 hours are not used in the current month will be carried forward. Any subsequent flying hour is priced at the discounted rate of only 130 per hour. The agreement requires 2 month notice for cancellation.

Some of the benefits include:

100kt Cruise Speed
Check out and conversion to PA28 provided FREE when joining the group
Online booking and own key
Good availability with only limited number of vacancies available.
Cheaper than standard school rates for anyone flying 2 or more hours a month.
Being non-equity group there is no initial capital outlay nor surprise maintenance bills!
Group Class Rating Instructor / Revalidation Examiner available
Group PPL Instructor available for additional training/coaching/mentoring if required e.g. IMC, revalidation, cross-channel check familiarisation are all easily arranged
Access to additional C-172 airplane for the group members at a group rate (if the PA28 are not available due to service / maintenance). This in effect will provide access to third airplane for the price of ONE membership.

By far the biggest value the members derive from the fact that the group is strongly encouraging shared group trips, the amount of experience exchange can be staggering.

For further information please contact Stojan on 0778 871 3085 or
Send Stojan Percuklievski a Secure Message. Contact Details 07788713085