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Subsonex Jet adid = 35074

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Sonex, SubSonex | 7000

Do you want to fly something special?, do you fancy the thrill of flying a fighter jet?, well the time has come. The Sonex Personal Jet is a reality and you can be a part of it for just 7000 for a turn up and fly share. This is one hell of a aircraft with a cruise speed of 250+mph, top speed of around 300mph, stall 58mph, average climb to 10000 ft of over 1200fpm. It has fully retractable landing gear, a range of 480 miles with a reserve of 30 mins, a ballistic recovery system, glass panel, leather upholstery. Fly it on a PPL, it will be on a LAA permit to fly. It is planned to be based at either Doncaster, Humberside, or Gamston airport however it will be situated as central as possible to the majority of the group. This is a expression of interest advert with deposits being taken and held in a escrow account until 15 of the 20 available shares are sold. the first 2 shares are sold leaving 18. Please call 07770 983800 for further details. Also see
The group is being formed by the UK distributor Silver Fern Microlights (AS) Ltd
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