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For Sale Gardan Gy 201 Mini Cab, With Video adid = 35254

Aviation Photo number 46659
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | GY 201, Gardan | £7500.00

ctory built 8th off the production line
2338 Hours
Continental A65 Engine 1160hours

Due to time wasters the GARDAN GY201 Minicab is still for sale.
An inspection was carried out in October 2016 and a permit will be issued to a potential purchaser (which will allow the purchaser to have a full 12 month permit to fly)
The aircraft is in need of a little TLC as it has been stood since the video flight was completed
An easy aircraft to maintain.
Cheap to run (4 gallons an hour)
A joy to fly
Based at Full Sutton (EGNU)
What are you waiting for!
£7500 ONO
CONTACT:- Cas Smith on:- 07711258080
Or Elaine on:- 07803376465
Send Cas Smith a Secure Message. Contact Details Elain on 0780 3376 465 or Cas on 07711258080