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Wag Aero Cub(by) - 1/10 Share, Based Staverton adid = 35277

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups

For sale, my 1/10th share in the long established Wag Aero cubby based at Staverton.

- Wag Aero Cubby (actually a J-3 Cub with kit-built wings)
- Friendly, experienced well-run group
- Great weekend availability
- All landing fees at Staverton included in monthly cost
- Runs on UL91 & 100LL for great flexibility
- Continental 0-200 upfront
- QFI affiliated to the group for differences training, check-ride and currency checks
- New Trig TY91 recently fitted (8.33Khz compliant)
- 1,000/share
- 70/month
- 70/hour (chock to chock)

Reluctant sale - pictures and further details available on request. (Please put "cub" in the title of the email so it gets through my spam filter)
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