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Hangarage and Tie down space, For Sale | Northern Polytunnels, Hangar | £1000

For Sale; AIRCRAFT HANGAR. A polytunnel hangar, 30feet x 30feet x 12feet, supplied new just 2 years ago by Northern Polytunnels of Nelson, Lancashire. Presently in use storing a fixed wing aircraft and other ancillary equipment, this hangar is due for removal from its present site by the end of JAN. 2016. Interested parties who may wish to see the hangar in its present situation (which might help in its re-assembly at its new location) should speak with the contact, ALLAN WORTHINGTON, as shown below. Presently sited near Leyland, Lancashire, this hangar is environmentally friendly, being green in colour, is of sturdy construction and is in good condition.
Send graham speakman a Secure Message. Contact Details 07964460903