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Alderney Property For Sale £375k adid = 35549

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Property, For Sale

Retiring or relocating offshore? Looking for a holiday home in an easily accessible setting?
Alderney, the little-known Channel Island, like an English country village 50 years ago with all mod cons!
A spacious 4/5 bed bungalow in immaculate condition, with an easily maintained large garden in a quiet location close to the Airport and the town of St Anne.
Elegant living room, separate dining room, fitted office, kitchen, 4 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, boiler room, loft storage, garage and greenhouse.
Recently renovated with double glazing, ample lighting, power points and central heating; off road parking.
Alderney Airport has 3 runways - 1 hard with lighting, hangar and duty free fuel. 40 mins flying time from S. Coast of England, 20 mins to France and the other Channel Islands.
Alderney''s advantages include: 20% income tax, no death duties or property gains tax; no property purchase restrictions, English speaking and sterling currency.
Contact: Bridget Postlethwaite on 07444 638803 or via afors
Further details with photos, floor plans and map available.
For more about Alderney look at:

Send Bridget Postlethwaite a Secure Message. Contact Details 07444 638803
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