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Skyranger Swift 912ul Xlam £27000 adid = 35571

Aviation Photo number 48735

This is a featured advert. Views so far = 7167

Three-axis Microlights, For Sale, Skyranger Swift 912 | 27000

Skyranger Swift 912 UL

Now available after many many new parts and full respray.

80 hours since recovered in xLAM, and converted to Swift specification.

After attention from thieves:-

New zero hours 912UL engine.

New CKT Stainless exhaust and heater.

New Trig TT21 Mode S transponder

New panel with all new instruments

New Microavionics radio interface

New tyres all round

Two piece doors

Microavionics strobes

Permit to October 2016

Cabin heat

Rear baggage hammock

Door to wing seals which eliminate cockpit drafts


Wingtip fairings

Wingroot fairings

This aircraft is ready right now and I fully expect the first person to inspect it will take it away. It is, in all respects that matter, essentially a new aircraft.

Call Ian Town on 07812143127, or email on

Alternatively, call Laurie Bassett on 07713616527, or email on
Send Laurie Bassett a Secure Message. Contact Details 07812143127