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Wheels Pants For Ultralight, Cessna, Rv, Eurostar adid = 35656

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | 55-95

Wheels pants 400*100 mm, 400*150.
High quality, excellent appearance.
There is also a wheel fairings for Cessna airplanes, RVs and Sportstar. They are about half the stronger and a half times better than the original.

We make wheel pants on Cessna-172.
Weight of fiberglass fairing 1300 g (main), 1000 g (the bow).
The weight of carbon fiber fairing 1000 g (base), 800 g (bow).
On the fairing has a hatch to swap wheels and interior partitions.

Production of wheel pants on the RV-6.
Weight of fiberglass fairing 900 g.
The weight of carbon fiber fairing 700 g.
On the fairing has a hatch to swap wheels and interior partitions.

Composition (base) - certified epoxy for aviation name of Epoxy 619 and the structural fabric of the T-10 (14). The method of vacuum forming and heat setting.
They are light and strong, not afraid of blows, falling stones and walked on them. Caulking is not used. Guaranteed operation 3000 thousands of flight (about 5 years of active use) and post-warranty service. Product Data Sheet attached. The passport shows all performance characteristics.
All fairings are covered with soil and are ready for painting.

Manufacturing - within 15 working days from the date of payment. Sending at EMS.
Sending is about 7-10 business days.
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