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Pa22 Tripacer (new Group) adid = 35691

Aviation Photo number 47440
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Piper, PA22

Forming a group of 3-4 pilots / enthusiasts. Lovely condition Piper PA22 Tripacer G-APXU. 150 hp -320 Lycoming - up to 4 hours duration. At Spanhoe (Wittering MATZ) - 3918 hours Engine 1215 Prop (Sensenich) less than 200 - ARC and next annual due 23 Sep 2016. Equity dependant on uptake - first share will half own a/c and receive rebate as further shareholders come in. Servicing can be on a cash call basis - to be discussed. Low hours pilots welcome - below 100 hrs expect a surcharge premium.
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