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Cessna 182a, N- Reg, But Based In The Uk adid = 35733

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Cessna, 182A | £32K ONO

1958 Cessna 182A, N Reg,
9088 TT, Engine and Prop 508 SMOH, KY 97a Com, Narco 121 Nav,
Narco 150 TXP and Encoder, 2 yr check completed, Narco 10 ELT, Next Annual due Feb 2018
Spare Oil Cooler and Prop Govenor ,

Make offer. Spare Jump Door, Step, Floor mounted Seat belts and Static Line fittings, Glider/Banner Tow Hitch currently fitted, available if required.

Aircraft based at Enstone, Oxfordshire.

Call Bob Swainson at email

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