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Dhc-1 Chipmunk Share At Liverpool Airport (g-bcsl) adid = 35794

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | De Havilland, DHC-1 Chipmunk | £1500

For Sale is my share in a De Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk based out of Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

There are two options available:

- £70 pcm and £120 per hour (wet)

- £90 pcm and £100 per hour (wet)

+ landing fees.

Booking of the aircraft is done through a simple online booking system and availability has never been an issue in the 6 years I have been part of the group.

The Aircraft is hangared through a third party who facilitate the moving of the aircraft and refuelling, and is available to use 7 days a week.

Relocation to East Anglia forces sale.

Tail dragging convex may be arranged through the group''s FI.

Any questions then please feel free to contact me
Send Luke O'Sullivan a Secure Message. Contact Details 07898947734 Ask a Question