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Quantum 912 £9,250 Sold Thanks Afors! adid = 35845

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Weightshift Microlights, For Sale | Pegasus, Quantum 912 | 9,250

SOLD G-MZLD Quantum 912 £9,250

Hangared fully rigged at Longside Peterhead

724 Hours

Permit until 27/10/2017

Weight & Balance 6th March 2014

Icom A6 Radio

Micro Avionics Interface

Micro Avionics Integrated helmet for the Pilot

Micro Avionics UL100 Headset & Lynx Helmet for the passenger

One medium sized suit

Thermo Gloves (Rechargeable Batteries)

Tel: 01771 624682 (Evenings & Weekend)
07808054867 (Work Hours)
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