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1989 Glasair 1 Rg Composite - Sold adid = 35861

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Stoddart-Hamilton, Glasair 1 RG composi | SOLD

Stoddart-Hamilton 1989 Glasair 1 RG composite


Thank you to AFORS

Location : Nottingham Airport

LAA Permit aircraft – Permit Valid until Feb 2017

150hr Service complete February 2016

Original and complete log books and owners manual

New leather interior – Retractable undercarriage –

TTAF : 600hrs

Lycoming 0-320 180hp – 342hrs SMOH

Hoffmann three blade constant speed propellor – 342hrs SMOH

600lb Usefull load - 100lb Baggage

150 Knot Cruise at 37lph

Main fuel tank capacity 127 litres + Reserve tank 22 litres

Electric flaps - Electronic fuel flow meter

Bendix/King KX 165 TSO Comm Nav

Bendix/King KN 64 DME - NAV122D/GPS

Garrecht VT02 Mode-S Transponder

The 2 seat Glasair RG 1 is an amazing touring aircraft designed to go places in comfort and style. Easy to fly and handle, comfortable on grass or tarmac. Lovingly maintained and improved by the current owner. New plane forces reluctant sale.

In answer to a question - This Glasair is not approved for aerobatics.
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