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Cessna 150 Popham 1/12 Share - £1600 adid = 36037

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups, C150L | 1600

Share available in this well run Cessna 150 group based at Popham Airfield. Good, low cost, reliable flying at this friendly airfield. Excellent availability, on-line booking. Share £1600, £50 / month and £60 / hour wet. Aircraft maintained on site by Wiltshire Aircraft Maintenance. New 8.33 comm radio, Mode 'S' transponder. Monthly includes all fixed costs - parking, annual, insurance; hourly includes all flying costs - fuel, 50 hour checks, contribution to engine fund. No hidden costs, no requests for additional contributions. The group has a healthy engine fund. Share price reflects your share of all group assets including bank balance! C150 C-150 C150L C-150L
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07802 785505


There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hi, a couple of questions. 1. How much is the share and is there any flexibility 2. What are the currency rules in the group 3. What is availability like and are you allowed days away etc. Many Thanks John

A1 Hi John. Thanks for the email. Oops, forgot to add the share price, ad updated! 1. Share price is £1600, group size is 12 members. The price includes buy in to the group assets, including engine fund. 2. Currency: we just ask that if you have not flown for a while you judge yourself whether you should do a little dual time. 3. Excellent availability and online booking via the web site. Days away are OK, we just ask that you poll members beforehand, just in case someone does have an urgent need. It's rare not to be able to get the slot you want.

Q2 Can I fly this A/C with non EASA valid Licence ?

A2 Hi Danitha. This is an EASA aircraft so it's whatever rules apply at the time. I'm still flying on my NPPL.

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