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Hughs269/300 Share Sold Sold Sold adid = 36159

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Helicopters, For Sale | hughs, hughs 269/300 | 5500

One share out of eight for sale in well run group the helicopter is based at Gloucester Airport.Most of the owners have done their PPL{h} on this helicopter,there are friendly instructors based at the airport.
G-BOXT has good component times and flies well,it is a great heli on which to train.There is lots of availability and no restriction on the hours you fly a computer booking system is in use.
The hughs was produced as a trainer for the US army and is regarded as one of the best heli trainers also has the power to take heavier pilots than the R22.
The costs are £100 per month plus £130 per hour this includes landing fees/hangarage/fuel/insurance learning on this helicopter is very reasonable.
There is a lot more info and picture in Afors advert 17859 under helicopters.Selling as I have another helicopter phone for more info peter dibble
Send peter dibble a Secure Message. Contact Details 01425 620740 Ask a Question
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