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Hangerage Available - South Staffs adid = 36247

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Hangarage and Tie down space, For Sale

Are you fed up with your current hangerage?

- Ripped flexwing sail with nobody owning up?
- Unexplained dents in your Leading edges?
- Fellow aviators meddling with your aircraft when you are not around?
- Wanting to fly the coup from the club you trained at but haven''t had the opportunity?

I have a secure hangerage opportunity for two or possibly three aircraft in the Lichfield area with large grass runway. Ideal for individual pilots or a small group of aviators keen to do their own thing.

The hangerage would best suit fully rigged flexwings (15ft high roof to allow for rigged flexwing storage) but would also suit microlight 3 axis aircraft eg Eurostar. Competitive monthly rates.

Please call me if you are interested.

Send Ant Watkins a Secure Message. Contact Details 07495 282611
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