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Stunning, Unique Blade 912s *reduced* £10,500 Ono adid = 36324

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Weightshift Microlights, For Sale | Mainair, Blade 912 S | £10,500

REDUCED for sale!

Rare model Blade with sought-after Rotax 912S engine.

Due to purchase of a GT-450 I am selling my cherished G-REED after 9 years and many travels.

A rare Mainair Blade 912S, original pearlescent green factory finish. Excellent condition for its age.

Mainair only ever built 17 Blade 912S planes. Two were custom painted at “The Nook” by Mainair: G-REED and G-NOOK (now no longer with us). So this plane is unique and very eye-catching. Its 912S engine is one of the smoothest-runners I have seen, and makes the plane leap into the sky.

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- Permit to 13 April 2017
- 100hp Rotax 912S engine, oil cooler, heated carbs, new radiator
- Flying hours: 743; Engine hours: 757
- 19 hours flown since 300 hour full wing service
- FLYDAT engine data monitor
- Other instruments: ASI, Alt, compass, VSI, voltmeter, ambient air temp, digital fuel flow/level
- Includes Morris Touring Screen and side panniers (detaches as backpack)
- Lynx intercom/radio interface
- Training bars
- First registered June 2001
- All covers, bags, jackets etc included.

Ian Macbeth
07860 377033
Send Ian Macbeth a Secure Message. Contact Details 07860 377033 Ask a Question