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Eurostar National Fly-in Sywell 23+24 April 2016 adid = 36389

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Fly-in, events

Greetings friends.

This years Eurostar fly-in is getting close and will be held on 23-24 April at Northampton/ Sywell.

£10 for overnight parking and unlimited landings to facilitate lots of local flying and a planned strip land away.

Generous sponsors Stein Pilot Insurance and Light Sport Aviation are providing goody bags including stickers and mugs for all Eurostar arrivals and there will be some trophies also.

For those staying Saturday night we hope to have an evening fly-out to the nearby Pitsford strip before retiring to the bar.

Friends in other types are very welcome.

To help Sywell ATC, visitors arriving on Saturday are requested to book a slot time with Sywell ATC (01604-644917) which will also count as PPR - no drama if you miss your time but it will help give Sywell a warm feeling that 50 aircraft wont be turning up at once.

Otherwise, its all very informal.

Hope to see you a lot of you there.

Cheers, Paul Kiddell (G-CEVS) and Richard Smith (G-CIRY)
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